The GODOX SK400 is designed with a range of different features that enable you to take high quality images such as Light Control Function, LED Display Screen, Wireless Control Interface etc.. One of the major benefit to the design process of the GODOX SK400 is its lightweight design, this enables the output to be extremely stable and for it to be easily transported from shoot to shoot.

Exquisite and Lightweight: Portable to carry to anywhere
Light Control Function: A flash trigger can be synchronized with a multiple lights
Powerful Functions: Shoot portrait, still life, texture, all available
LED Display Screen: Precisely display the studio flash light”’ s output, you can adjust the brightness.
Wireless Control Interface: Which means it supports wireless control which is very convenient.
Anti-Preflash Function: Which makes synchronization with camera available (the camera should have a one-preflash firing system).
10W Times Flash: Color temperature outputs stably and not easy to burst, durable to use.
Multi-Angle Adjust: Meet the requirements for different angles.

Brand Godox
Model SK400
Max Power 400WS
GN 65
Recycle Time 0.4-3s
Color Temperature 5600200K
Flash Duration 1/2000s-1/800s
Power Output Control 1.0-3.0(1/8-1/1)
Modeling Lamp Power 150W
Fuse 5A
Modelling Lamp Gear 9 levels (L1-L9)
Power Voltage AC100-120V/60Hz AC200-240V/50Hz
Trigger Mode Sync cord, slave triggering, test button, wireless control port
Product Weight 1700g
Product Size 12.7 x 23.2 x 34 cm